TALF 2020

It is anticipated that a wide variety of investment management firms will explore the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility and address the unique market opportunities that TALF and the current financial uncertainties present.

Since TALF's introduction in 2008, we have helped customers take advantage of the facility by providing support for booking TALF loans, payment calculations and reporting on TALF across the portfolio.

Fund-Studio, a cloud-based portfolio operations and reporting platform, supports TALF by using an extension to its repo facility, where the finance amount is restated on each reset (roll), with support for:

  • Collected Principal Received, based on factor change and applicable haircut,
  • Net Carry = Collected Interest - Repo Interest Paid (TALF finance cost),
  • Adjusted Average Life, based on original average life and paydown style,
  • Above Par Prepayment.

For further information on TALF 2020 and how we can help please contact us.