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    Portfolio Operations & Reporting
    ...in real-time, anywhere
  • One View
    • across all execution platforms, accounts & prime brokers
  • Positions you can
    • multi-way automatic reconciliation
    • customizable alerts and notifications
    • compliance checks
    • built-in workflow controls
  • Managed Services
    • Accurate and timely reporting
    • COO and CFO level execs in our team
    • Unparalleled clarity into portfolio management and investment processes
  • Certified, Secure,Cloud Hosted
    • Screen and field level permissioning
    • IP auditing, white-listing and one-time security-codes
    • Failover and standby server provisioning
  • Designed for what you trade,
    how you trade
    • Diverse instrument coverage, native support
    • Flexible tagging for strategies, themes, and more
    • Multi-currency, account, prime broker, strategy...

FundStudio, in 60 seconds...

Choose between our Cloud-based Platform or outsourced Managed Services, or a hybrid of the two.

A solution hedge funds CTAs asset managers family offices can rely on.

For hedge fund managers, CTAs, asset managers and family offices, FundStudio’s real-time operations and reporting platform, forward-looking, multi-asset-class risk and portfolio management system and outsourced managed services provide complete knowledge of trading vehicle conditions -- and the tools to manage them.

Operations & Reporting

Trade & Order Capture

Capture orders and trades via realtime FIX, uploads, programmatic API or on-screen manual data entry.

Allocations & Compliance

Allocate orders to accounts, strategies and more. Apply compliance rules such as position limits or mandated asset-class restrictions, or complex programmatic rules such as leverage bias.

Cash Management

Manage all cash movements including trade settlements, margin, coupons and principal. Run cash projections and more.

Shadow NAV

Meet investor DDQ requirements by shadowing your fund administrator to produce NAV at the master-fund level as well as associated feeder funds or investor subscriptions.

Partnership Reporting

Define partnership structures such as onshore/offshore master/feeders and produce daily subscription NAV/GAV including management fees, incentive fees, high-water marks and more.

General Ledger

Post journal entries, produce a trial balance or income statement and more in local or base currency using a customizable, hierarchical chart of accounts.

Dealer Pricing

Streamline the dealer-quote process for valuations. Define distribution lists of who should price what. Automate price requests. Track and manage responses, outliers and aggregates with full audit trail.

Live Positions

Monitor positions in real-time at firm level or by account, strategy, trader or any user-field.

Real-time P&L

Run real-time intra-day P&L. Define multiple views of aggregate or sliced-and-diced data in real-time "pivot tables".

Security Master

Manage reference and pricing data for listed securities or OTC products. Maintain the security master via automated feeds from market-data vendors, or manual entry. Automate downstream portfolio activity such as applying corporate actions, multiple interest-accrual calculations, resets, maturities and more.

Multi-way Reconciliation

Perform automated reconciliations of cash balances and line items, positions and trades, and receive alerts of any breaks. Reconcile trades and positions independently with both prime-broker and fund administrator.

Report Writer

Create your own reports on the fly, including pivoting, Top-N, contributions, ROR, charts, custom formulas and more using any built-in or user-defined data and fields.

Collateral Management

Track margin money and ISDA counterparty exposure for collateral on repos and swaps.

and more...

Trades can be allocated to multiple funds or managed accounts, and custodied/cleared through multiple prime brokers/clearing brokers. Positions and P&L are maintained in local currency of each instrument and the base currency defined on each fund or managed account. FX translation P&L is computed daily.
FundStudio supports unlimited user-definable custom tags and fields. These can be used to store additional data (such as additional demographics on a security), or they can positional (for example creating a tag for "Strategy" or "Analyst" and reporting positions and P&L at these levels - useful for P&L attribution, drawdown reporting or similar).
Positions are held at the individual tax-lot level, with multiple lot-relieval methodologies available, including FIFO, LIFO, Max Gain, Intra-day high/low and others. Weighted-average cost basis is also supported.
Native support for a diverse set of asset classes is provided, including domestic and foreign equities, fixed income products from corporates to MBS to indexed asset-backed instruments, vanilla and exotic options, futures and more. Swaps include IRS, TRS, CDS, CDX, IOS and more.
Fund Studio is hosted in the cloud in certified, secure data-centers, with failover and disaster recovery capabilities. Access is logged, with IP-whitelisting available. User permissions can be defined at screen and field level.
FundStudio offers easy export to spreadsheet directly from the application's screens, as well as an integrated plug-in to Excel where portfolio data can be accessed seamlessly via custom formulas embedded in the spreadsheet.
FundStudio comes with a powerful Application Programming Interface (API), enabling seamless integration with your existing internal systems. Written for Microsoft .NET, the API communicates securely over the public internet to our data-centers and allows queries or updates to trades, orders, repos, security master information and more. Coverage is extensive, even to the point of providing control over setup items such as adding portfolios, accounts, strategies, users and more.

Risk Analytics

Fund Studio Risk Analytics is a real-time, forward-looking, multi-asset class risk and portfolio management solution, with fully integrated, managed quant services.
Measure your risk, time your entries and exits, and identify key economic themes with a highly customizable factor-based approach that aligns with your views.
Get analysis that is both real-time and forward-looking - giving you constant market feedback plus risk measurements more responsive to volatile market events. Navigate market scenarios with increased confidence.
See top-level views of risk exposure and drill down. View completely different perspectives by navigating between instrument, strategy, or theme specific characteristics.
  • Value at Risk
  • Non-linear Gap Risk
  • Historical and Prospective Scenario Analysis
  • Concentration Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Trade Impact Analysis
  • … and much more
Fund Studio Risk Analytics is more than software, it is a service: Our experts support you with continuous quantitative services to integrate your firm-specific needs in the risk and portfolio management software.

Key Features

Risk Management

Navigate between different risk exposure views, group and drill down into risk analysis. Break down risk exposure by asset class, strategy, security, theme or any other user field. Track investment themes and manage risk better.

Portfolio Management

Get detailed performance analysis, understand key portfolio drivers, and identify investment opportunities.

Quantitative Services

Enjoy expert quantitative services during the entire life cycle. Tailor Fund Studio Risk Analytics to include firm-specific characteristics and views.

Multi-Asset Class

Navigate between different level-views, group and drill down into risk and portfolio analysis by asset class, strategy, security, theme or any other user field.

Forward-Looking Market Analysis

Measure risk with forward-looking VaR and Gap Risk and navigate turbulent market conditions with increased confidence.

Real-Time P&L

Get constant market feedback with estimated overnight P&L.

Compliance Tool

Monitor end-of-day compliance rule violations.

Customized Reporting

Create reports with customizable reporting frameworks.

Middle-Office Managed Services

Our highly experienced managed services team can handle your daily operations, from transaction capture and trade settlement to portfolio reporting and more.

Transaction Capture & Processing

Process all trades on trade date (T+0). Capture non-trading transactions: fees, accruals and corporate actions.

Portfolio Pricing

Daily portfolio pricing according to Investment Manager’s valuation process and fund’s offering memorandum.


Trade, Position, and Cash reconciliation with prime brokers, custodians and counterparties available next morning (T+1).

End of Day Exports

Send trade and position files to prime brokers, custodians, counterparties and administrators.

Portfolio Reporting

Provide P&L, exposure and cash reports by portfolio, strategy, asset class or any other classification.

Report Distribution

Automated reporting packages for clients with the ability to create and customize reports.

Data Support for Regulatory Reporting

Using the ledger details we provide any type of data required for financial and regulatory reporting.

Why us?

Our managed services team, which includes former COOs and CFOs along with accounting and operations experts, will provide accurate and timely reporting with unparalleled clarity into portfolio management and investment processes to ease investors’ due diligence concerns and bolster their sense of security.
Reduce risk without any reduction in transparency and control of your operations by allowing our highly experienced managed services team to handle aspects of your daily operations.
  • Cost effectiveness versus hiring full time employees
  • Scale up or down immediately
  • Built-in business continuity as software and services are always available
  • Reduce operational risk with better controls and data integrity
  • Launch new strategies and trade new asset classes with ease

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